ViuTV Chill Club Voting Website - Immersing Voters in the Music through Innovation

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ViuTV Chill Club

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"Chill Club Chart Award Presentation" is a local pop music awards ceremony hosted by ViuTV in Hong Kong. Chill Club has always been based on the theme of "Music for Everyone, Music First". All music fans in Hong Kong vote for the song and singer of the year in a one-person-one-vote format. DigiSalad was honored to partner with ViuTV to design and develop an interactive online voting website for music enthusiasts.


Immersing Voters in an Futuristic Cyber Atmosphere

For the voting website, our designer viewed this not merely as a functional ballot process, but an opportunity to transport voters into the pioneering spirit of Chill Club's music through innovative design. These futuristic cyber designs came together to portray the voting platform as a sleek digital machine humming with energy, perfectly capturing the pioneering spirit of Chill Club. This brings the voters a feeling of they had "entered the music" through the atmospheric design.


Instant Access to Nominee Tracks Inspires Informed Choices

Through the user interface designed by DigiSalad, fans could easily browse the nominee list. But rather than just seeing titles, each entry featured a built-in mini-player allowing on-demand sampling. With a simple click, listeners could instantly hear snippets of the nominated tracks right within the voting interface. This allowed them to make truly informed choices based on the music itself, rather than just name recognition.


Fair Voting Through Randomized Sampling

Ensuring an unbiased process was critical to Chill Club's mission of recognizing diverse musical talents. With this in mind, DigiSalad implemented randomized nominated songs or singers listing  order for each voter in different login periods. We aimed to give all nominee entries an equal chance to impress listeners organically with their artistry alone.


Powerful Search Unlocks Discovery

While random sampling exposed voters to nominated songs or singers, we also wanted to make it quick and easy for fans to find the artists already dear to them. That's why DigiSalad equipped the voting platform with a powerful search function. Through an intuitive search bar, voters could instantly locate their favorite acts simply by entering a name. The highly precise and auto-suggestive search ensured nominating talents would not be overlooked due to oversight or a large candidate pool. It allowed voting to remain an enjoyable act of representing one's affinity, not an onerous chore.


Intuitive Tracking Fuels Participation

To keep the voting momentum high throughout the nomination period, our UX designers integrated intuitive progress tracking into the platform interface. This allowed voters to view their participation at a glance. As voters sampled tracks and made their selections, a simple progress bar would populate to display their ballot completion ratio in real-time.

In addition to real-time progress monitoring, the bespoke tracking bar allowed voters to trace back and alter earlier selections. If upon further sampling, voters wished to change their vote for a particular category, they could easily locate and update that choice.


In conclusion, through harnessing advanced technologies and implementing intuitive user experience strategies, DigiSalad was able to develop a highly engaging and democratic voting platform for the Chill Club Chart Awards. This integrity strengthened Chill Club’s mission of "Music for Everyone, Music First". It was an honor for us at DigiSalad to play a role in empowering music fandom in Hong Kong through strategic digital solutions like this.