Revolutionizing Retail Engagement with New Yaohan all-new CRM Program

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New Yaohan

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New Yaohan is one of Macau's most iconic department store brands, with an esteemed presence in the territory spanning over 25 years. DigiSalad, as a super aggregators in digital incentives, our rewards power New Yaohan all-new Customer Loyalty Program, providing customers an new exclusive experience while encouraging advocacy and referrals in New Yaohan catering to various customer segments, including its flagship New Yaohan store, specialty NY8 fashion boutiques, New Yaohan Beauty premier beauty destinations, and child-focused spaces like Kids Carnival. 


Unified Design with Modular Flexibility

With multiple store formats tailored to diverse segments, maintaining design consistency while differentiating each space was paramount in the New Yaohan website and app. To achieve this, DigiSalad developed a modular website and app framework upon which dynamic styling and features could be applied. Core elements remain recognizable across all touchpoints, while unique accent colors, imagery and tailored functionality immerse visitors in the world of New Yaohan, NY8, Beauty or Kids Carnival respectively.


Location Marketing: Place-Based Personalization

New Yaohan now operates multiple locations throughout Macau. We created Location-aware functionality that brings the user experience to life both online and through the app. Members delight as their actual location dynamically sets the background image to their nearest storefront.

This place-based personalization delights at both functional and experiential levels. Members can quickly reference operating hours, floor maps and services proximal to their current location with a simple glance. At the same time, recognizing familiar backdrops fosters a sense of locality and ease.


Seamless Loyalty Integration for Lifetime Engagement

DigiSalad understands loyalty isn't static but an evolving journey. To foster lifetime relationships, we designed exchange experiences emphasizing convenience and “Instant Earn Instant Burn”.


Through the membership portal, points accrual and redemption operate frictionlessly. Members are just a tap away from reviewing balances and redeeming for everything in the New Yaohan Customer Loyalty Program. It allows members to access and exchange membership points instantly for privileges, rewards and the new tier level! Visual flair and prestigious benefits keep accomplishments feeling momentous.

By implementing the concept of “Instant Earn Instant Burn", members can enjoy the satisfaction of seeing immediate results from their engagement with New Yaohan. This continual cycle of earning and spending rewards inspires loyalty to the brand over the long run.


Strategic Engagement with Data-driven Precision

To maximize New Yaohan's customer lifetime value, our data-driven notifications undergo rigorous testing aimed at the most intuitive, personalized retargeting. For members approaching their birthday, we notify them of a tier upgrade once they spend a set amount that day. Punching through notification fatigue, our precisely-targeted mobile alerts feel more like helpful insights than impersonal blasts. Members appreciate we "get them" - nudging precisely when in the mindset to indulge.


With DigiSalad, New Yaohan continues ushering the retail landscape into the future while upholding its strong reputation as a premier shopping and lifestyle destination. Our customer-centric approach lies at the New Yaohan all-new Customer Loyalty Program we undertake. From the UX design in New Yaohan website and app, conceptualizing the innovative membership program to leveraging data-driven insights, our team at DigiSalad thrives on delivering measurable results.