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House of Beauty

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House of Beauty, which was established in 2022, is dedicated to assist customers to upgrade themselves with modern beauty concepts. Through providing a wide range of services, from facial to body shaping treatment, it strives to enhance both the external and inner beauty of the customers, so as to become a beautiful and confident individual. Therefore, DigiSalad helps them to create a branding-driven website with the following features.

Dynamic Website Effects

In order to strengthen the modern and high-end brand identity, the website makes use of different transition and scrolling effects. It also enhances the interaction with the user and reduces the bounce rate, as well as encourages the users to play around the website.

Smooth Flow for Treatment Booking and Enquiry Features

The website includes a free trial booking trial form. Staff can block the date and set the quota for different sections. When the time section is full, it will be hidden in the booking form. Meanwhile, some fields such as the treatment type will be filled in default according to the page which user is surfing at. Once the users submit the form, the booking details will be sent to staff's email and shown in the CMS, thus the staff can have follow up actions. If users need to seek live support, they will be directed to House of Beauty Whatsapp Business, no matter they are using the desktop or mobile version. 

Flexible CMS

Even though House of Beauty only has one branch at this moment, the CMS setting allows staff to add new branch details in the future. It includes adding all-round information, such as the actual location on the Google Map, opening hours, contact number and so on.