Yidan Prize - Website Design & Development

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UX STRATEGY, UI DESIGN, website development

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Yidan Prize Foundation

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Yidan Prize, a prestigious global award that is revolutionizing the field of education. It is dedicated to recognizing and empowering outstanding individuals and organizations who are driving positive change in education. It aims to shed light on innovative approaches that have the potential to transform education systems and improve learning outcomes for future generations.  At DigiSalad, we have had the honor of collaborating with Yidan to revamp their website.

Embrace a Modern User Experience with Stylish UI Design

DigiSalad has skillfully incorporated round corners throughout the entire website design. We use circular or smooth shapes in the corners of website elements such as buttons, images, etc., instead of traditional sharp corners. It showcases a modern, stylish, and unique design style, visually conveying a message of innovation and progress. This design choice aligns perfectly with the essence and values of the Yidan Prize, representing innovation, forward-thinking, and a commitment to positive change.


In addition to the overall website design, the card view layout is utilized throughout, providing effective organization and structure for the content. Within the card view design, the round corners of the cards enhance aesthetics and user experience, adding refinement and modernity that complements the prestigious nature of the Yidan Prize.


The purposeful inclusion of round corners extends beyond mere aesthetics, offering tangible benefits to users. The smooth and seamless browsing experience eliminates sharp edges and distractions, ensuring effortless navigation. This design approach creates a cohesive visual language that permeates the website, fostering continuity and guiding users through the content with ease.


Engage and Empower: Become Catalysts of Change through the Nomination Process
The revamped Yidan website goes beyond being a mere informational platform about the Prize. It serves as a powerful tool that empowers individuals and organizations to actively contribute to the transformative movement in education. One of the key features of the website is the comprehensive outline of the nomination process, which allows users to become catalysts of change by nominating deserving candidates who are making significant strides in the field of education. Through the nomination process, website users have the opportunity to actively engage with the mission of the Yidan Prize and shape the future of learning. By recognizing and honoring outstanding individuals and organizations who are driving positive change in education, the Yidan Prize aims to create a ripple effect that inspires and motivates others to follow suit.

A Dynamic Hub for Education Insights
Beyond its primary function of honoring exemplary achievements in education, the revamped Yidan Prize website also serves as an invaluable resource for educators, policymakers, and anyone passionate about the field of education. At its core, the website's knowledge hub center acts as a dynamic platform that facilitates access to the latest news, trends, and insights from the ever-evolving world of education. By providing a space for knowledge sharing and fostering a rich exchange of ideas, the Yidan Prize website empowers the global education community to stay informed, connected, and inspired. 


Furthermore, the knowledge hub center is designed with user experience in mind, ensuring easy navigation and accessibility. Users can search for specific topics of interest, filter content by category or date. Users can also take advantage of the Yidan Prize website's social sharing functionality, which allows them to easily share meaningful articles and resources with their own social media networks. This feature enables users to amplify the impact of the knowledge and insights they discover on the website, reaching a wider audience and sparking important discussions within their online communities.